Finding Family

The key to surviving your life abroad is not packing the essentials or speaking the native tongue. While these are important the most essential is finding your family. A group of people that can help you through the tough times, make you laugh, and support you through this life changing experience. So what do you need? Well you need at least one adult (but life is better when both Mom and Dad are there), the grandma, the teen, and a child. Each part of the family is just important as the last.

Joe and I are the quintessential mom or dad of our group. We are responsible, caring, diplomatic, and above all, the only thing that keeps our squad from ever falling apart. I’m keen to ensure peace is kept in the group and everyone is getting along. For Joe being organized isn’t a chore, it’s a talent — and even if our friends give him crap for being boring or a little behind the times, you are always on top of your shit. And if anyone’s ever in need, rest assured, we’ll be there to save the day.

Mya is our grandma,  she’s intelligent, charming, cynical, sarcastic, and way too tired of other people’s crap to care what they think. Also, as the grandma, she is inherently the SLOWEST person alive. It’s the little things that push her to complain the most. She is the one who ensures we don’t do anything too illegal or expensive.

Jordan our teenager is daring, confident, emotional, unpredictable, and undeniably the coolest member of your group of friends (they’ll even admit it). She never thinks twice when it comes to taking swift action, regardless of how rash or crazy those decisions may be, keeping us all on our toes. Because she has a quick wit and zero filter, some might be fast to label her as “the bitchy one,” and although she can attract her fair share of drama, she simply aren’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and stand up for what she believes in. Nevertheless, she never fails to make everyone laugh and is a champion at breaking the tension when she wants to.

Tori and Nate might not be the youngest in age in your group of friends, but they’re definitely the youngest in spirit. They’re positive, fun, contagious, and outgoing outlook on life makes them the life of every party. It’s no surprise that our children are the ones with ADHD, making them even more energetic and lovable. They’re agreeable and trusting disposition makes new acquaintances easy to come by, though you sometimes find it difficult to handle conflict and truly value the idea of loving over fighting. They keep every adventure exciting and fun. Bottom line: Most people adore them and we protect them at all costs.

Each family member is so important and I wouldn’t have been able to survive my time abroad with all of them. So my suggestion to you is to build your own family and go on some adventures.


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