It’ll Hurt

Travel is painful. We’re easily misled by well curated instagram pages or the precise perfection of well designed vacations. Yet travel is really so much more. Travel is waking at 17264993_1291684324234563_2657859027488032465_n4am to catch that plane. It’s constantly second guessing the metro system. Travel is getting very lost on said metro. To travel means accepting the panic when asked a question in a language you absolutely don’t know. Sometimes you’ll get sick in a foreign city and have to curl up in a hostel, that’s okay. And maybe you’ll find yourself explaining the messed up world of American to politics to a couple of Canadian girls, you’ll be alright. Yes, travel is painful. But it’s entirely worth it. As a traveler you will leave pieces of yourself everywhere. Your journey will take and take. Still we go through with it, why? Because even though it hurts, were not losing ourselves, we’re giving our heart away. Leaving memories in the places we visit. The Eiffel Tower at night; jamming out to The Proclaimers in the back of taxi; standing at the edge of the sea for the first time; or perhaps just laughing with friends after a late night round of “go fish.” These are all moments that a picture can never really tell the story. Even the story spoken aloud fails to convey the emotion. We simply should never separate the facts from the depth of the memories, nor the beauty of the moment, nor especially the pain of getting to that moment.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



2 thoughts on “It’ll Hurt

  1. I relate to all of this on such a deeply personal level. There is something painfully romantic about traveling, and I completely agree that each time I leave a place a part of myself is left behind. But it’s the kind of pain that helped me grow more, I think.

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