an Eventful day in Madrid

Woke up late Saturday morning excited for a day in Madrid. The plan was to meet up with some friends at their hotel and then go see the Palacio Real. A simple enough plan that left plenty of room for error. The first step was the commuter train from Alcalá to Atocha station in Madrid. An easy trip that I can quite literally do in my sleep. From Atocha I switched to the metro system. With map in hand I successfully made my two connections and was just looking for my final stop. Unfortunately I had misread the directions that I’d been given and ended near Coslada almost halfway back to Alcalá. Of course, leaving the metro to look for the hotel, I didn’t realize right away. Finally after walking around for a good half hour, I finally found the street I thought I needed only for it to dead end in a residential area. Dazed and confused I was able to connect to some oh-so-precious wifi and message my friends. About the same time I see an older gentleman outside a nearby bar. When I showed him the address his immediate reaction was one of laughter. Calming down he explained that I had gotten off the metro seven stops too late! Returning a nervous chuckle and thanking him in my broken Spanish, I hot footed it back towards the metro station. Fortunately I was able to let my friends know what happened and set a meeting point near the palace before losing wifi.

To this point my day had already become an anecdotal mess. I had become very lost because of  a misread message. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, and then I laughed a whole lot more. But the story became even better! You see I immediately hopped back on the metro for the long ride across the city, hoping not to delay my friends anymore. Fascinatingly enough fate has a sense of humour. There I was sitting on the metro when I looked up and getting on the train just a little further down were my friends. Peeling my jaw off the floor and still shocked at my sudden change of luck, I nonchalantly went over and said “hey.” Their reaction was a thousand times better than mine. It’s one of those moments that’ll definitely stay with me. The sheer amusement of how perfectly all of our days had happened in order for us to run into each other like that. The thought still amazes us.

In the end it was a terrific day. We went and saw the beauty of the Palacio Real. We totally mastered the intricacy of the metro. We experienced a night at the disco El Kapital. And most importantly, had good fun with great people.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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